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Case Study

Case Study - Display Board Kiosk -origin
Display Board/Kiosk

Original Display Board


The display board hangs on a wall or a few hooks hovering over the employees below. It weighed 250 pounds constructed of wood and steel. The signage was printed on magnets. This is the customers brand image.


The original display board was heavy- 250 pounds, unsafe and took one person 3.5 hours to install. 



While maintaining brand identity, the goal was to reduce the complexity with identifying more streamlined manufacturing techniques, and reducing cost/weight focusing on material choices and adding safety measures for the overhead signage.


  • Construction method and material change yielded a 50% weight reduction 125 pounds.

  • Set up time improved to 1.5 hours.

  • Added safety spring clips to prevent menu boards from being knocked off and causing potential injury.

  • Working with installer-manufacturing- assembly personnel to achieve targeted goal.

Concept Sketches

Customer Facing- Front

Kiosk- Rear- exposed structure


New Display Board

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