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Case Study

Passenger Service Unit (PSU)

Passenger Service Unit (PSU) for lavatory


In aerospace, the way to make a profit is to reduce costs, weights and component complexities. Every piece of hardware, material choice, method of construction is thoroughly evaluated.


The current placement of the PSU in the ceiling is not service maintenance access friendly.  There are up to ten different lavatory configurations available which creates additional parts and configurations.


My focus was on user interface and the point of view of the maintenance crew. The goal was to develop a common structure for the PSU components for various lavatory configurations.



After various iterations, I focused on the common base structure (injection molded housing) which supported the three required items as shown. The final design of the PSU housing is able to support all ten lavatory configurations.


  • Upfront tooling costs absorbed through the various configurations.

  • Manufacturing simplified

  • Ease of Serviceability

PSU Accessibility

PSU Components

Pasenger point of view of the PSU

Service point of view of the PSU

PSU for the standard lavatory

PSU for forward lavatory
(Reduced ceiling geometry)

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