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Home Enhancement 
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Robert takes great pride in beautifying houses, boats, decks, perimeters and more! Services include:

  • Fence-Building

  • Landscaping

  • Pressure Washing


Robert specializes in building wooden fences that enhance privacy and aesthetics. Pricing estimates vary.

Estimates are based on:

  • Materials

  • Transportation

  • Labor

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Yard to Garden
Yard to Garden Landscape Design

Born to a farmer in the Netherlands, Robert has gardening in his blood. He transforms landscapes of all sizes to create sustainable, economical, and nutritious gardens and farms that will change your life.

Solar-Powered Studio

Robert first built a greenhouse, then converted it into an art studio facing the garden. He incorporates the natural surroundings and relevant features into what he calls functional-aesthetics. Hand renderings are followed by CAD modeling to give exacting details. "For art or work, the studio offers peace and inspiration. Powered by the sun."

Pressure Washing

See Before and After Pictures >

"Thank you for coming out promptly and for making such a positive difference!"


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